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Study Spanish in Medellin with OLSA INTERNATIONAL

Why should you study Spanish in Medellín? The importance of learning Spanish has increased significantly in recent years as this language has an increasingly important role throughout the world. Studying Spanish in Medellín is an option that many foreigners choose, due to the multiple benefits of studying in the city and obtaining their Colombian student visa.

Spanish is a language that is growing at a dizzying pace for different reasons, which is why studying and learning Spanish has become more of a necessity than an option in recent years. And it is that with attributes such as:

1. Being one of the most spoken languages in the world

2. Being a language in continuous growth

3. Being a language of easy learning

4. It will allow you to enjoy your trips much more

5. It will make your social circle grow exponentially

6. It will open doors for you to study in many countries

7. It will improve your professional and employment opportunities

With these benefits, who would not want to study Spanish in Medellin? And what better option than doing it in the best certified Spanish school?

Let us tell you about OLSA INTERNATIONAL, the best certified Spanish academy with a university Spanish program in Medellín.

Study Spanish in Medellin with OLSA INTERNATIONAL


OLSA International is one of the best options to study Spanish in Medellin, as it stands out from other academies for its dedicated approach to helping you put the Spanish language into practice.

They have three highly interactive programs. With their Certified Spanish University courses, learn Spanish and qualify for the Colombian student visa (contact us for student visa processing).  With their Conversational Spanish, enjoy daily Spanish practice to improve your fluency in Spanish.  And with their Spanish Immersion Weeks packages, experience Medellin one week at a time with 4 Conversational Spanish + 4 salsa classes + 1 day trip + access to their weekly language exchange and to their Friday night Pre-Party!

Those who decide to study Spanish in Medellín with OLSA International, enjoy the highest quality of interactive education in Spanish with an emphasis on the practical application of the language. In other words, a program designed for you to speak Spanish, either for future employment, or for continued travel in Spanish-speaking countries.

Why should you study Spanish in Medellín with OLSA International?



  • Their curriculum is internationally certified by the Secretary of Education of Medellín and the Ministry of Education of Colombia.
  • Their curriculum is used by 100+ US universities – augmented for intensive study abroad
  • The owner is a two-time Arizona State Private School Teacher of the Year with over 25 years of teaching and administrative experience in the US and internationally.
  • They have a professional staff with a combination of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Practical conversation classes
  • Sponsorship for your student visa process with the Spanish University Program
  • Option to take conversational Spanish classes by the week
  • Salsa classes and other Latin dances daily
  • Conversational Spanish Classes, Salsa Lessons and Excursions Package with our Spanish Immersion Weeks Package
  • Students / local affiliates and contacts
  • OLSA Cafe, coffee shop and restaurant on site
  • Medellin shopping center, restaurants, athletics, transportation
  • Two locations – Manila/El Poblado and Estadio/Laureles
  • The most extensive cultural excursion program of any school in Medellin
  • Language classes taught in Spanish by native bilingual teachers
  • Bachata, salsa, joint marked, vallenato, kizomba and other Latin dance classes at the school
  • Free weekly language exchange with foreigners and Colombians
  • Friday night Pre-Party social with dance classes
  • Additional tours and excursions available upon request

Studying Spanish in Medellin with OLSA International is a world of experiences that you will not be able to forget, and the best thing is that you will remember them in Spanish!

Spanish University Program Certificate OLSA International


The Official Language School of the Americas (OLSA) Certified University Program in Spanish is certified by the Secretary of Education of Medellin and the Ministry of Education of Colombia.  These courses qualify for a Colombian student visa and are an excellent option for gap-year students, students/teachers on sabbatical, college students and/or professionals looking to gain fluency in Spanish in an accelerated immersion environment.

This Accredited University Program consists of three sub-programs that can be taken individually or at the same time.

Don’t wait! Study Spanish in Medellin! Colombia, and in particular, The City of Eternal Spring (Medellin), is one of the best places to learn the Spanish language. Get in touch with VISAS EN COLOMBIA and we will advise you and fully process your student visa in Colombia.

Study Spanish in Medellin!

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